Patch 17 Highlights

This article highlights some of the latest features being released as a part of the pre-release version of Patch 17. To review a full summary of all the new features included in this patch, please refer to the V12-017-2 Pre-Release Documentation.

Enterprise Only: To download a zip file of the complete set of patch documentation, use the following link: For this link, users must log in with a username and password. Please contact your Account Manager for assistance with login credentials.

Asset Management

Equipment Costing

Purchase Order

Business Intelligence

BI Analytics

BI Dashboard Builder

BI Catalog Builder

CMiC Field (PM)

Budget & Cost Management


Construct PM

  • The majority of our engineering efforts are focused on our new Construct PM application, which is an advanced tool for managing job site operations. We have more flexibility to ship this application outside of our standard patch cycle. This allows us to ship updates more frequently. If you want to check out some of our latest features, please see our Release Notes.

Document Management



General Ledger

Human Capital Management

Construct CT

  • The Construct CT app uses crew timesheets to provide real-time insight into work, time, pay, jobs/project, and cost-related metrics and makes it easy to control labor costs and maximize crew productivity. It features crew management, and a scheduling and approval process that allows users to record full cost-coded time accurately, anywhere, and anytime for job site crews. To learn about some of our latest features, refer to our Release Notes.

Construct CHK

  • The Construct CHK app was developed to give field employees a convenient way of recording their time on a job site. Accurate time tracking in the field increases worker accountability and allows you to estimate labor costs for future projects. The moment an employee clocks in for their shift using the Construct CHK app, their time and attendance will automatically be shared and displayed in the Real-Time Dashboard screen in the Construct CT app. To learn about some of our latest features, refer to our Release Notes.

Construct ESS

  • The Construct ESS app makes it easy for employees to efficiently and independently handle many HR and Payroll tasks on their own. This includes updating personal information and profiles, logging vacation and personal days, modifying and updating timesheets, and viewing benefits plans. To learn about some of our latest features, refer to our Release Notes.

Project Controls

Job Costing

Contract Forecast

Subcontract Management