Create User-Defined Folder

Why is it Useful?

Users can create user-defined folders based on a table (BI Dashboard Builder) or Query (BI Query Builder). The folder will appear in the user’s catalog, accessible through BI Catalog Builder.

This is useful because users can create queries that join multiple folders together and include calculated fields. They can then save this query as a folder to be re-used elsewhere, or joined to other folders to unlock more possibilities for reporting.

NOTE: This feature was released in Patch 17.

How Does it Work?

This feature is only available to users with the following system privileges: BISECMNG, BICTLGBLDR, BIUDFOLDER.

Visualization drop-down menu

With BI Dashboard Builder/BI Query Builder open, click the Ellipses icon () on the Visualization Menu and select “Create User-Defined Folder” from the drop-down menu.

Pop-up launched from Create User-Defined Folder option

Selecting the "Create User-Defined Folder" option launches a pop-up window which contains fields for creating the new folder. Select the business area, enter a folder name, and select the user role to assign access controls on the new folder. When finished, click on the [OK] button.

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