Automatic Auto-Charge Process

Why is it Useful?

CMiC has automated the existing auto-charge functionality. Now users have the option of automating the auto-charge process for a company and having the system send out email notifications to specific recipients when the batch created by this automated routine has been posted.

NOTE: This feature was released in Patch 17 under Issue 22.61362.

How Does it Work?

Pgm: EMCTRL – Equipment Costing Control File; standard Treeview path: Equipment Costing > Setup > Local Tables > Control – Automatic Auto Charge Process tab

A new tab has been added to the Equipment Costing Control File screen. The Automatic Auto Charge Process tab contains settings used to automate the existing auto-charge out functionality. Along with the settings located on this screen, this process also involves some setup in the System Data module.

For more information on using the automatic auto-charge feature and the setup required, refer to Using Automatic Auto Charge.


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