Expanded Get Link Feature

Why is it Useful?

CMiC has enhanced the Get Link feature so users have the option of including their pre-defined page filter selections when sharing a URL link to their BI reports. Now when users share BI reports with specific filters applied, they can be confident that users accessing the report are looking at the same data. Giving team members the ability to review the same filtered information improves collaboration and facilitates discussion.

NOTE: This feature was released in Patch 17.

How Does it Work?

Dashboard drop-down menu

In the BI Dashboard Builder tool's Dashboard menu, select the "Get Link" option from the drop-down menu.

Pop-up launched from Get Link option

Selecting the "Get Link" option launches a pop-up window which displays the URL link for the dashboard. A new checkbox has been added to the pop-up which is used to control whether filters are included in the link. If the 'Include Filters' box is checked, then the URL will be updated accordingly so if the link is copied and shared, it will contain the pre-defined filters.

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