With its unified platform, CMiC delivers the most complete solution for construction, helping contractors and project owners alike run their entire operation, from the back office to the field. At the same time, we recognize that a company may have already made an investment in a point solution, or may prefer to use different functionality to enable a specific area of their business.

For details about onboarding with our CMiC integration products, refer to CMiC Integrations.

CMiC has successfully integrated the following third-party software applications:




Coming Soon

  • OAuth2.0 with CMiC APIs access

    • CMiC is upgrading their API Authentication protocols from Basic Auth to OAuth2.0. CMiC Integration Service Accounts will be verified against stored SSL certificates to protect data exchanged.


What is the API Path (i.e., URL string) I need to connect my API toolset to?

The API path may vary depending on your specific environment. For more information, refer to Developer API Account, located on our CMiC API site.

What are the credentials I use to connect to the API?

Any CMiC user will suffice. Typically, we see clients using INTEGRATIONUSER as the CMiC user.

How does security work connection credentials? Does it have access to everything?

Since you are using a CMiC user, the security is driven by the CMiC application security assigned to the integration user. Yes, it could have access to everything if you put your integration users in the same security group as DA.

How do I test that my credentials can connect to web services?

Drop the URL with the endpoint into a browser, authenticate, and you should see a response if it's working. Postman is another option, but you must have received collections.

What is a test query I can run in my API toolset to ensure that I can get a proper response?

Any query web service will suffice. But you can start with this Company query.

How can I tell what API endpoints I have installed?

This depends on your patch level – however, either all or most of the APIs on CMiC API site should be on your system.

How can I tell what tables are in what endpoints?

Follow the naming convention on the CMiC API site and you should be able to figure out which tables are being affected. The column names are camel case in the web service.

Does CMiC put any limits on the number of records that can be pulled back with one call?

No, but you should be aware of the limit and offset attributes. The documentation is here on our CMiC API site.