Document Merge with Microsoft Word®

Overview – MIP Word® Documents (MIP Form Letters)

Forms Based Form Letters vs MIP Based Form Letters

CMiC Enterprise uses two types of form letters: forms based form letters, and the newer MIP based form letters. The older version of CMiC’s form letters uses the form letter designer functionality of the Form Letter Definitions screen to create their templates. The newer type of CMiC’s form letters (MIP Word documents) uses the Microsoft Integration Package to enable the use of a Microsoft Word document as a template for a form letter, and the generated output of this newer form letter type is also a Word document. This simplifies and enhances the process of creating form letter templates, and of editing their output, using Microsoft Word and all of its functionality.

MIP Word® Documents (MIP Based Form Letters)

MIP Word documents are a type of form letter, hence, templates are also used to generate them.  Like CMiC’s form letters, they are used to create custom form letters that may be printed from the Project Management, Opportunity Management, Human Resources, or Accounts Payable modules. 

Form letters, including MIP based form letters (MIP Word documents), are most commonly used in the Project Management module, where there are many specialty CMiC form letters to enhance the communication between the various parties involved in a project. As with form letters, variations of MIP Word documents can be created from scratch, or more easily, by using a copy of an existing MIP Word document’s template as a starting point. For instance, multiple versions of the Subcontract Agreement, distinguished by the type of work being done, can be created by making copies of the standard version, and then making the necessary changes to the copies.