Kofax (OCR) Integration - R12


CMiC created an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) integration with Kofax to facilitate the extraction and exchange of digital documents and information to generate Imaging objects like AP Registered Invoices and Subcontract Request for Payments.

Kofax provides the scanning, OCR and data release infrastructure. Operators scan invoices into an OCR workflow where invoice attributes such as invoice number, job number, and invoice date are extracted and validated using CMiC’s Kofax schema to enforce accuracy and data integrity. 

The Kofax OCR process extracts and writes the invoice information to an XML file and copies the scanned document associated with the XML file to a CMiC Imaging Source folder for registration.

The Imaging registration process scans the Source folders, and when it detects a pair of XML and PDF files, the image is registered with the Imaging system and uses the data from the XML file to populate the flysheets for the document type to complete the import.

Kofax places invoices with missing attributes or with failed validation into a validation queue.  An operator then checks the queue to rectify the problem. After manually adjusting the extraction, the release process copies the invoice and the associated XML data into an Imaging Source folder for registration.


The following pre-requisite is required prior to installing the CMiC Kofax adapter:

  • Kofax license must be installed on the local machine.