Catalog of Reference Guides in PDF

This is our catalog of the latest CMiC reference guides which are available for download. Entries have been sorted alphabetically.

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NOTE: Our catalog is currently updated to Patch V12-017.

Reference Guide Overview Last Updated
1099 Reporting - R12 A 1099 form is a type of information return form used for income not covered by the W-2. There are many different types of these forms, all of which are supported by the 1099 module in Enterprise. This module also supports the printing and media creation for Miscellaneous and Interest Income 1099 forms. This module is fully integrated with the Accounts Payable system and accumulates data each time a payment from a vendor is received. The system allows for manual adjustment of amounts and the addition of records if required. February 3, 2023
2020 Federal W4 Changes User Doc (V12)

In 2020, Form W-4 eliminates some withholding allowances and adds other items to determine appropriate federal withholding for employees.

Use one of the new filing statuses when the employee uses the new 2020 W-4.

December 23, 2019
Accounts Payable - R12 CMiC Enterprise’s Accounts Payable (AP) module is one of the key financial modules within the system. The AP module not only tracks vendor balances and produces checks, it is also fully integrated with the US Payroll, Job Costing, Subcontract Management, Equipment Costing, Material Sales, Preventive Maintenance, Imaging, and Work Flow modules to ensure timely and accurate reporting in all modules, and to consolidate vouchers into one place. August 3, 2023
Accounts Receivable - R12 The CMiC Accounts Receivable (AR) module is fully integrated, not only with the General Ledger module, but also with the Job Costing, Job Billing, Equipment Costing, Preventive Maintenance, and Work Order Billing modules. June 13, 2023
BI Analytics - R12 CMiC’s BI Analytics is a tool used for organizing and launching dashboards, queries, and card views. Users can create customized canvases to fan out their data analyses by dragging and dropping object cards (dashboards, queries, and card views) into specific user-defined groups called buckets to display and launch their analytics in a convenient, logical manner. BI Analytics is used in conjunction with CMiC’s other Business Intelligence (BI) tools, which include BI Dashboard Builder, BI Catalog Builder, and BI Query Builder. June 22, 2023
BI Catalog Builder - R12 The BI Catalog Builder tool works in conjunction with the BI Dashboard Builder tool to create custom, dynamic dashboards. The BI Catalog Builder tool is used to create a catalog of data sources, and the BI Dashboard Builder tool uses these data sources to create custom dashboards that provide high-level overviews, operational metrics and KPIs. June 21, 2023
BI Dashboard Builder - R12

BI Dashboard Builder is a powerful business intelligence tool for building custom dashboards with interactive charts, gauges, and tables that use real-time data directly from a user’s CMiC system to:

  • Consolidate and visualize large amounts of data from departments to provide high-level overviews that display current statuses and reveal insights and trends.
  • Provide operational metrics and KPIs to monitor and track performance and progress, and to measure the impact of activities and investments.
  • Provide real time monitoring of any data in a user’s CMiC system.
  • Help make informed and effective decisions.
July 26, 2023
Bluebeam Integration - R12

Bluebeam and CMiC have collaborated to allow the integration of their software with CMiC Field to perform basic and advanced operations on PDFs, such as adding markups, creating revisions alone, or creating revisions collaboratively with invited associates via Bluebeam Studio sessions.

Bluebeam offers a free PDF viewer (Bluebeam Vu) that can be used to view PDFs, and licenses are only required for users that would use Bluebeam to create markups, revisions, and to collaborate (Bluebeam Revu).

May 26, 2021
Change Management - R12

CMiC’s Change Management (CM) system is the single place of entry for changes to the Job Costing (JC), Job Billing (JB), and Subcontract Management (SM) systems, and consequently, the Contract Forecasting systems. External, Internal, Original Budget and Transfer Change Orders (COs) are entered via one screen that allows the user to link Job Costing, Job Billing and Subcontract information all in one transaction.

June 14, 2022
CM PCI Basics Quick Guide - R12

This quick guide provides an overview of the different types of PCIs:

  • Internal (In Scope)

  • External (Owner/Out of Scope)

  • Transfer

  • Original Budget

January 6, 2021
CMiC BIM - R12 Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been incorporated into CMiC Field using the Autodesk BIM integration tool to present and manage 3D models to support decision makers in communicating design, construction and operational changes to their projects. These changes are created in CMiC Field through Requests for Information (RFIs), Potential Change Items (PCIs), and Submittals. This guide outlines the setup requirements and steps to follow before this integrated tool can be used. December 28, 2020
CMiC Cloud Scanning - Quick Guide This quick guide provides the basic procedures for using CMiC’s Cloud Scanning software application, a unique browser-based capture solution. This scanning application is used to scan documents to Cloud. May 23, 2019
CMiC Collaboration

Project Gateway Reference Guide – R12: Project Gateway enables CMiC Field clients to easily invite their project team to collaborate on any project to which they have been invited, using their Single Sign-On credentials.

December 29, 2020

PM Exchange Reference Guide - R12: PM Exchange enables project data to be mapped and translated so it can be shared between companies, where one or both companies are using a CMiC system. Integration options include:

• CMiC to CMiC

• CMiC to Third-Party

• CMiC to Third-Party (CMiC Packaged)

Refer to our CMiC PM Exchange brochure to get an overall sense of how this tool works.

July 19, 2023
Pay Request Reference Guide - R12: Pay Request allows collaborators who have been invited to join a project using Pay Request, to submit their Request for Payments (RFP) for this project directly in CMiC Collaborate. July 13, 2022
CMiC Field - R12 The CMiC Field module is a web-based collaborative application that enables all parties to participate in management activities online, ensuring that a quality product is delivered on time and on budget. Employees, vendors, contacts, and others can use CMiC Field to upload documents, enter meeting minutes, log issues, and a host of other tasks crucial to the life cycle of a project. The system is designed to manage project from initial bid to close while keeping all project team members informed at all times. August 11, 2023
CMiC I/O - R12 CMiC I/O is an application that complements the CMiC Collaboration suite. CMiC I/O allows both internal and external collaborators to use email to do selective data entry into the CMiC Field module. This allows users to create or add notes and attachments to issues, RFIs, and communication records without having to log into the Collaboration suite from the internet or local/wide area network. January 18, 2023
Comdata Integration - R12 This quick guide provides procedures for using the Comdata check processing functionality integrated in CMiC’s Accounts Payable module. June 14, 2023
Construct App Guides Construct ESS App June 14, 2023
Contract Forecast with PCI Projections - R12

This guide focuses on Contract Forecast with PCI Projections in CMiC Field. It includes details regarding recommended best practices and describes the fields and features used in contract forecasting.

NOTE: This guide is still currently under development and contains some screenshots that need to be updated to R12.

June 14, 2023
COVID-19 Payroll Processing Guide The FFCRA’s paid leave provisions are effective on April 1, 2020, and apply to leave taken between April 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020. This guide provides procedures for the COVID 19 US legislative leave setup. April 16, 2020
Corpay Integration - R12 Corpay cloud payment software enables AP teams to make check, ACH, credit card, and international payments in a single payment process. Integrated with CMiC, pay 100% of invoices electronically and remove payment risks through Corpay’s managed payment services. December 13, 2023

DBA Quick Guides - R12

Enabling RTI in R12

December 28, 2020

Installing Workflows in CMiC R12

December 28, 2020

Keystore and Java Setup for Weblogic in R12

December 28, 2020

Office365 IMAP Setup with Azure and Microsoft Graph

January 20, 2023

Embedding a Logo Inside an Email Body

April 8, 2021
DocuSign Integration - R12 The CMiC DocuSign integration provides the easiest and most robust Enterprise electronic signing solution. Layered on top of CMiC ECM (Enterprise Content Management), the solution allows users to quickly prepare documents for signing by selecting project documents and specifying recipients. Then with the click of a button, the documents are locked and transmitted to DocuSign’s eSignature transaction management platform. Recipients are notified to complete the signing process in DocuSign. After completing the signing process, the signed document, with signatures, is made available in CMiC as a new revision. August 2, 2023
Employee Console - R12 The Employee Console module consolidates various applications related to the display and entry of employee information. It allows the user to view, enter, or change information related to an employee, such as an employee’s assigned assets. January 20, 2020
Enterprise Content Management - R12

Enterprise Content Management is a CMiC document management and tracking system that integrates Image Manager and Project Management with MS Outlook and MS Word via plug-ins.

Within Outlook, emails and email attachments can be dragged from Outlook and dropped onto an Image Manager folder (including CMiC Field Attachments) or file, thereby creating a new document or document revision in CMiC. Word documents can also be modified in the Image Manager interface. Once the documents are loaded into CMiC via ECM, other CMiC modules can use them (e.g. Workflow, PCIs, Subcontracts, Daily Reports, etc.).

June 29, 2023
Equipment Costing - R12 The Equipment Costing module is an effective multi-tasking system. It can track different types of costs for each piece of equipment. Types of costs are user defined and unlimited. The user can track repair, maintenance, insurance, licensing… the list is endless. At the same time, the system also tracks revenues against each piece of equipment. This revenue can be automatically calculated by the system according to equipment location and duration or can be manually entered from timesheets. July 13, 2023
ESS Administrators - R12 The CMiC Employee Self Service (ESS) module is a web-based application used by employees, applicants, and administrators to edit personal information and a variety of other data relating to the Payroll and Human Resources modules. The guide documents the ESS module for administrator use. July 13, 2023
ESS Employees and Applicants - R12 The CMiC Employee Self Service (ESS) module is a web-based application used by employees, applicants, and administrators to edit personal information and a variety of other data relating to the Payroll and Human Resources modules. This guide documents the ESS module for use by applicants and current employees. July 13, 2023
E-Time - R12 The E-Time system allows employees and payroll administrators to maintain timesheet and expense data via a web-based, secure-entry system. Depending on the settings, E-Time data may require an administrator to approve entered timesheets. Conversely, employees may be able to enter their own timesheet records without requiring access to the Enterprise application. July 13, 2023
Financial Document Formatter 2.0 - Quick Guide The Financial Document Formatter 2.0 screen allows the user to design various custom financial document types about account balances beyond the balance sheet or income statement types. This screen is also used to print these documents either individually or as a group. July 13, 2022
Fixed Assets - R12 The CMiC Fixed Assets (FA) module is used to keep track of regular expenses attributable to major assets. Strictly speaking, the assets tracked need not be fixed because they may be movable equipment such as cars and trucks. However, they must be tangible and must not be consumable. January 25, 2023
General Conditions Monitor - R12 General Conditions Monitor (GC Monitor) is used to project a Job’s cost, as a stand-alone application, by using Bill Codes contained in the Job’s JB Contract to create Forecast Lines. Additionally, it can be used with the CMiC Field (PMJSP) Contract Forecasting with PCI Projections application to help forecast labor Forecast Lines more accurately. GC Monitor is also integrated with the Resource Planning module to allow the importing of Need Lines from Resource Planning into GC Monitor as Forecast Lines, and to allow the exporting of Forecast Lines from GC Monitor in Resource Planning as Need Lines. July 13, 2023
General Ledger - R12 The CMiC Enterprise General Ledger (GL) is one of the key financial modules within the system. The General Ledger module not only maintains companies, departments, and accounts, it is fully integrated with the Job Costing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and System Data modules to improve efficiency, and to ensure timely and accurate reporting in all modules. January 25, 2023
Getting Started - R12 This Getting Started guide provides a general overview of CMiC Enterprise. It provides an overview of CMiC Enterprise’s environment, navigation, and the functionality that is common to its screens. July 14, 2023
Global Tables - R12 There are a handful of screens that are shared among all the applications and are grouped into a menu called Global Tables. These screens contain information that is common to many applications such as tax information, currency information and units of measure. Global Tables can be accessed from a sub-menu of the Setup menu in each application. This allows users easy access to these standard screens. The screens that make up the Global Tables are described in this guide. August 25, 2022
Greenshades - R12 The Greenshades Tax Filing Center is a third-party software package that can be integrated with CMiC’s Payroll system to provide e-filing solutions. Currently, CMiC can be integrated with Greenshades for filing SUTA/SUI, W-2, 401K, New Hire, 941, 1099, and 1095-C forms. January 14, 2022
Human Capital Management - R12

The Human Capital Management module (also sometimes referred to as HR Self-Service) provides several tools, including the ability to process applications, make hiring requisitions, and organize company structure.

Many of the screens in this module share codes or definitions with the Human Resources module in Enterprise. These modules are designed to be used together.

July 12, 2022
Human Resources - R12 The Human Resources module in Enterprise is designed to track the information of both employees and applicants. This includes maintaining benefits and deductions to which they may be entitled, as well as tracking safety records and relevant medical history. February 3, 2023
Imaging - R12 The CMiC Imaging module is a combination module that allows the user to link an image directly to one or more CMiC objects such as vouchers, jobs, and indirectly to Job Billing invoices. All images that are registered can be viewed from any related CMiC Enterprise screen just by using a search utility. July 14, 2023
International Payroll - R12 Enterprise provides the ability to process and post payrolls from both American and international companies. As such, the US Payroll and International Payroll modules are similar and share many screens in common. However, there are some key differences between the two. The International Payroll guide is not exhaustive and only documents these differences. Therefore, this guide should be regarded as supplemental to the main US Payroll guide. July 17, 2023
Inventory - R12 The Inventory module is a strong component in the operation modules of Enterprise modules, integrating with financial, project, equipment, maintenance, material sales, and purchasing. It offers support of small equipment and tools tracking by employee, special pricing for legal entities and jobs, inventory location tracking, tax hierarchy, class and products, inventory receipt and release for cost markups, item issues with or without requisition control, and more. July 17, 2023
Jasper Report Parameters Customization - Quick Guide - R12 This guide provides details about editing the report parameters on Enter Parameters screens. August 2, 2023
Job Billing - R12 The Job Billing module is a fully integrated billing application that automatically produces time and material invoices as well as AIA style invoices. July 18, 2023
Job Costing - R12

The Job Costing module is a powerful toolset, but its ultimate usefulness depends on the setup. Before beginning the setup procedures for the Job Costing module, it is a good idea to assess the requirements and go through many of the different setup options with a consultant.

July 17, 2023
Kofax Integration - R12 CMiC created an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) integration with Kofax to facilitate the extraction and exchange of digital documents and information to generate Imaging objects like AP Registered Invoices and Subcontract Request for Payments. Kofax provides the scanning, OCR and data release infrastructure. Operators scan invoices into an OCR workflow where invoice attributes such as invoice number, job number, and invoice date are extracted and validated using CMiC’s Kofax schema to enforce accuracy and data integrity. January 20, 2023
Lite Editor - R12 CMiC’s Lite Editor is used to create customized versions of screens for particular users and UIC groups. Via the editor, various properties of a screen’s fields and tabs can be modified, new tabs and fields can be added to the screen, and the screen’s startup mode (table mode or form mode) can be altered. July 18, 2023
Log Builder - R12 Log Builder is an Enterprise business intelligence tool that enables users to filter, organize, and present a complex table’s data in a manner that helps them make informed business decisions. In this way, customized logs are similar to reports, and if required, their data can be exported to a spreadsheet. April 16, 2020
Material Sales - R12 Material Sales is a complete module that will process high volume data related to the sale of internal production for internal and external customers, tracking of material quantities and projected material requirements, and use of equipment to produce and deliver materials. Tracking and charging of delivery by internal truckers, sub-haulers, and third-party brokers, as well as the entry and posting of back charges are introduced in this module. July 18, 2023
Microsoft Integration Package - R12 CMiC Microsoft Integration Package (MIP) is a component that allows the use of Microsoft Word® documents to easily create templates for MIP based form letters (MIP Word documents), and provides Word documents as output from MIP documents in order to touch-up or edit their output more easily. MIP also allows Microsoft Excel® worksheets, with or without macros, to be used as standard templates for the printing of specified data through CMiC’s Send-to-Spreadsheet feature. Lastly, MIP provides integration between the Microsoft Outlook® calendar and CMiC contacts. July 12, 2022
Mobile Workspace - v10x CMiC offers a range of mobile products for smartphones, tablets and desktops that allow tasks in CMiC Enterprise to be performed remotely. These mobile products are designed to improve productivity and convenience by enabling personnel to perform Enterprise-based tasks anywhere and anytime, and by allowing secured access to current documents and data remotely. This facilitates smarter, informed decisions so that high-quality projects are completed on time and within budget. September 3, 2021
Navisworks Integration - R12 The CMiC BIM plug-in for Navisworks will significantly enhance 3D coordination workflows. The current process of tracking and resolving clashes and model detection is time-consuming and disconnected. Currently, the clashes are managed in Navisworks, while communications - such as RFIs and Issues are managed in CMiC. The remedy is the CMiC – Navisworks Plug-In which shares data between Navisworks and CMiC to eliminate the current siloed approach. January 18, 2023
New Functionality - R12 This DRAFT documentation is provided as an overview for new or enhanced functionality provided in the R12 Open Enterprise system. This document currently covers most new features provided up to the patch V12-015-2HF level. August 11, 2023
Opportunity Management - R12 Opportunity Management has been designed to assist with the coordination, management, and decision making required during the sales process. In particular, it has been developed to support the complex sale, which involves the participation of multiple persons on both the buying and selling sides. July 18, 2023
PlanGrid Integration - R12 CMiC can be fully integrated with the PlanGrid application and this guide explains the setup process for mapping CMiC projects to PlanGrid. October 13, 2022
Preventive Maintenance - R12 The Preventive Maintenance module is used primarily to allow scheduled maintenance on all equipment being managed within CMiC. July 20, 2023
Process Builder - R12 CMiC’s Process Builder is used to create a process, which is comprised of a series of links to screens used to complete a particular process, such as the one required to enter, review, and post invoices. July 20, 2023
Prompt Maintenance in CMiC Field - Quick Guide - R12 This quick guide provides an overview of how users can globally customize prompts/messages in CMiC Field. It explains how to use the Prompt Maintenance screen as a global entry place for making updates, which will be reflected throughout the screens in CMiC Field. March 2, 2021
Purchase Order - R12 The CMiC Purchase Order (PO) module is fully integrated with financials and projects, as well as the following modules: Requisitions, Material Sales, Inventory, Preventative Maintenance, CMiC Field, and Equipment Costing. By delivering financial control and project support, the Purchase Order module reduces errors and double entries. July 20, 2023
Real-Time Integration - R12 CMiC RTI is a tool that allows for the bi-directional updating of databases via XML standards. Called CMiC Real Time Integration (RTI), the tool flows data entered into the general contractor’s system to the owner’s system by internet and XML protocols, allowing for different systems to seamlessly communicate. January 11, 2023
Requisitions - R12 The Requisitions module is used to create and process requests for inventory or purchase orders. February 6, 2023
Resource Planning - R12 CMiC Resource Planning is a visual resource management tool, thoughtfully designed with input from our customers, to help schedulers and project managers more efficiently and optimally review and manage the resource needs of projects. It can also be used to identify overutilization and underutilization of resources, in order to manage their availability. This is achieved by providing visual overviews of project needs and of resource usage; and by providing tools to search for and display relevantly skilled personnel or suitable equipment, in order to drag-and-drop them to needy projects. January 25, 2022
Scheduling 2.0 - R12 Scheduling 2.0 is designed to assist project managers in developing schedules, assigning resources to activities, and tracking progress. June 21, 2023
Subcontract Management - R12 The Subcontract Management module is used to track all activity related to subcontracts that may be involved in a project. This includes entry of contract details including billing and taxes, as well as tracking of change orders when used with CMiC Field or Change Management module(s). July 23, 2023
Subcontractor Prequalification - R12 CMiC Subcontractor Prequalification Management helps your organization manage subcontractors from start to finish, by integrating all subcontracting activity into your organization. July 30, 2023
System Administration - R12 This is CMiC's System Administrator's guide. It contains a variety of procedures for technical DBA functions. August 3, 2023
System Data - R12 The System Data module is automatically shipped with every install. This module includes many different functions that affect how the system operates. This System Data module is generally restricted to superusers. Many of the screens in this module require in-depth knowledge of both the Enterprise application and the network setup. These programs are not for general users. This module covers such items as user security, user-defined options, system setup preferences, and user preferences. August 2, 2023
Translation Manager - R12 The Translation Manager tool gives users the ability to use the CMiC Enterprise System in different languages. The Translation Manager tool is used to create translations for languages not provided by CMiC, or copy CMiC-provided translations, such as French or Spanish, to use them as a base for the user's own translations. August 7, 2023
Treeview Builder - R12 Treeview Builder allows an administrator to customize the Treeview menu used to list and launch the modules of Enterprise, external URLs, and created UI logs and dashboards. Also, it allows Treeviews to be saved at either the user, group, or site level, so that Treeviews can be customized for just one user, a group of users, or for all Enterprise users. June 17, 2021
US Payroll - R12 The Payroll module in Enterprise is designed to record time spent by employees, calculate labor costs, as well as transfer and calculate billable labor and equipment costs to projects or the company General Ledger. The tracking and calculation of vacation time, benefits, deductions, union dues, and taxes are all components of the Payroll module. The Employee Profile screen, which tracks employee information, drives key functions in the Payroll module. After employees have been set up, their time spent can be entered, processed, and viewed through the various reports and utilities available. August 1, 2023
US Payroll Quick Guides - R12

Payroll Benefits Setup - Quick Guide - R12

March 9, 2021

Payroll Pay Rates Setup - Quick Guide - R12

March 9, 2021

Payroll Pay Runs Setup - Quick Guide - R12

March 9, 2021

Payroll Sick Leave Policy Setup - Quick Guide - R12

March 9, 2021

Payroll Prevailing Wage Setup - Quick Guide - R12

March 24, 2021

Payroll Multi-State SUI Tax Calculation - Quick Guide - R12

March 19, 2021
UI Console - R12 A User Interface (UI) Console is a customizable, named object that functions like a window into the CMiC Enterprise system, or into any other system that may be reached via an internet or intranet address. Customized consoles are designed to facilitate a user’s tasks in Enterprise by providing menus and modules relevant to them, and to facilitate the making of informed business decisions by providing information relevant to their particular needs. July 30, 2023

Vertex® Payroll Tax

This is the Calculation Guide for Vertex® Payroll Tax for the United States. For more information, refer to Vertex.

NOTE: This guide only applies to Enterprise clients.

This file is updated on a monthly basis.

Vertex® GeoCoder Master List

The Vertex GeoCoder Master List contains over 60,000 line items covering every state, county, incorporated city, and/or districts that create unique taxing scenarios. For more information, refer to Vertex.

NOTE: This guide only applies to Enterprise clients.

April 6, 2021
Workflow - R12 CMiC Workflow is designed to enhance an organization’s effectiveness by improving operational efficiencies and providing greater control of business processes. Workflow enables more precise management of people, resources, activities, and systems without being invasive or time-consuming. January 10, 2023
Work Order Billing - R12 This module has been designed for specialty contractors. The concept is that in many cases there are standing contracts with their clients to do work on a purchase order basis. Each purchase order from the client will become a work order. The billing of these work orders can be one of three ways, time and materials, fixed price, or not billed. All work orders have three types of data associated, the budgeted billing amounts, the actual cost amounts, and the actual billing amounts. All types of work orders have costs entered via transactions entered in other CMiC modules, such as Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, and Payroll using "W" lines. January 18, 2021