Subcontractor Ratings Mobile – R12 (App)

Note As of June 1, 2023, CMiC will no longer be supporting the Subcontractor Rating app for iOS and Android.

The app will remain on the app store, and customers who are actively using the app can continue to use it as-is.

In the future, we plan to revisit this project and publish a new application under our CONSTRUCT brand, but we cannot commit to a release date at this time.

Download the CMiC Subcontractor Ratings mobile app today, available on the App Store and Google Play for all R12 customers using iOS and Android devices.

Overview – Subcontractor Ratings

Subcontractors and vendors can have a major impact on the success of a project and finding reliable, competent subcontractors and vendors can be quite difficult, especially since they are usually busy. Hence, when choosing subcontractors and vendors for success, it is vital to have a comprehensive and reliable repository of ratings for them.

To greatly facilitate the creation of such a vital repository, Subcontractor Ratings Mobile provides all project stakeholders a convenient (e.g. mobile) and quick way to rate and comment on subcontractors and vendors.

To maximize the meaningfulness and reliability of the repository’s reviews, rating categories and category questions can be customized to have different weights, and to score against user-defined areas, such as quality of workmanship, scheduling, working relationship, and pricing. Additionally, reviews may be weighted according to the reviewer’s level of involvement in the project.

The key features of Subcontractor Ratings Mobile are:

  • Customizable categories and questionnaires for reviews

  • Weighted ratings based on project roles and categories

  • Full moderation controls to eliminate disgruntled or inappropriate reviews

  • Reviews for subcontractors and vendors are against the projects & subcontracts they worked

  • Printing capabilities for evaluation scorecards