CMiC Collaborate


Sample of CMiC Collaborate, listing projects to which collaborator was invited

CMiC Collaborate is a cloud-based hub that connects CMiC clients and their projects with external collaborators through the following applications:

  • Project Gateway

  • PM Exchange

  • Payment Request

NOTE: For network configuration, please use the following FQDNs:


Project Gateway

Sample of desktop version of Project Gateway app, showing Treeview links granted to the collaborator

The Project Gateway enables CMiC Field clients to easily invite their project team to collaborate on any project to which they have been invited, using their Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.

When a collaborator signs in to CMiC Collaborate, the Project Gateway dashboard (first screenshot) is presented. If a collaborator has been invited to work on multiple projects by multiple CMiC Field users in your organization, the dashboard lists the projects to which the collaborator has been invited. When a project is selected from the dashboard, the Gateway navigates the user to the CMiC Field portal, as shown by the above screenshot.

Refer to Project Gateway for more information.

PM Exchange

Provides ability to transfer and map data from non-CMiC systems into your CMiC system, and to correct any identified exceptions.

Integration options include:

  • CMiC to CMiC

  • CMiC to Third-Party

  • CMiC to Third-Party (CMiC Packaged)

Refer to PM Exchange for more information.

Payment Request

The Payment Request application allows collaborators who have been invited to join a project using Pay Request, to submit their Request for Payments (RFP) for this project directly in CMiC Collaborate. When a subcontractor logs in to Pay Request, they will be able to submit RFPs if there are posted subcontracts that have been linked to Pay Request and the project's payment request window is open and accepting payments.

Refer to Pay Request for more information.

  • Detailed Draw Schedule

  • Flexible Notification Rules

  • Subcontractor SOV Entry

  • Subcontractor Pay Request Entry

  • Integrated Waiver Management

  • DocuSign Integration for Signatures

  • ECM Integration for Document Capture

  • Automated Billing Backup Assembly

  • Pencil Copy Billings

  • Fully Detailed Owner Backup

  • Final Approval Notifications

  • On -Line Resubmissions

  • Non Compliance Notifications

  • Payment Notification