E-Time - R12

NOTE: As of Patch 20, the following JSP programs will no longer be supported and will be removed from our standard menu:

  • JSP E-Time Desktop Approval
  • JSP Mechanic Time Entry
  • JSP E-Time Entry
  • JSP Crew Time Entry

The E-Time system allows employees and payroll administrators to maintain timesheet and expense data via a web-based, secure-entry system. Depending on the settings, E-Time data may require an administrator to approve entered timesheets. Conversely, employees may be able to enter their own timesheet records without requiring access to the Enterprise application.


Once a timesheet has been entered into the E-Time module and approved, the data in it is moved to the Payroll module in Enterprise. Expenses can likewise be entered into E-Time or added later in Payroll. Please see the US Payroll – R12 manual for further details.


Before entering timesheets in E-Time, the US Payroll module should be configured. There are settings in the Payroll module (specifically the Employee Profile screen) that relate to E-Time; these include which hour types an employee may enter through E-Time and setting up which E-Time periods to use. Refer to E-Time Configuration for more information on timesheet setup.

NOTE: If timesheet approval is not required, the system can automatically approve timesheets when they are submitted by employees. This is done by checking the 'Auto. Timesheet Approval' box on the E-Timesheet tab of the Company Control screen (standard Treeview path: US Payroll > Setup > Company > Control – E-Timesheet).

Module Interactions

The E-Time module is directly integrated with the US Payroll and Job Costing modules in Enterprise. The former should be set-up to receive and allow entry of timesheet data in E-Time. The latter should be set-up in order to cost timesheet data to various jobs.