Subcontractor Prequalification Management – R12

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Overview – Subcontractor Prequalification Management

CMiC Subcontractor Prequalification Management helps your organization manage subcontractors from start to finish, by integrating all subcontracting activity into your organization. Subcontractors are a vital part of completing any construction project, but the mismanagement of subcontractors can present a substantial risk that can threaten the stability and profitability of a project.

CMiC Subcontractor Prequalification is designed to be applicable both for general contractors and subcontractors. It enables collaboration in line with CMiC Field, and it automates the prequalification process. Applicants may submit their documents, such as financial statements, insurance certificates, and other supporting documents through the web-enabled self-serve application, and the owners can go through the information to determine the prequalification status of the applicants.

Create, track, and approve vendor applications online and track multi-tiered contracts. Prequalify subcontractors before they begin work on a project, and store ratings and past work performance for future reference to ensure that subcontractors meet your organization's high standards of quality and reliability. Manage exposure through the detailed tracking of lien waivers, releases, and insurance certificates and gain full control of all subcontracting arrangements, including contracts, billing, and payments.

CMiC Subcontractor Prequalification Management includes:

  • Prequalification

  • Subcontractor Rating

  • Subcontractor Management

This document covers both prequalification and rating. See the Subcontract Management guide for details on managing subcontracts.