Subcontract Management

Module Overview

The Subcontract Management module is used to track all activity related to subcontracts that may be involved in a project. This includes entry of contract details including billing and taxes, as well as tracking of change orders when used with CMiC FIELD or Change Management module(s).

Module Sections

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  • Subcontract Management Getting Started Guide
  • Contracts
  • Reports Logs and Queries
  • Utilities

Module Features

  • Use of invoice series codes allowing for user-defined, automatic numbering of subcontractor invoices.
  • Maintenance of subcontracts in local currency.
  • Create a schedule of values with an unlimited number of tasks, which can be associated with different cost codes.
  • Bonding, insurance, lien waiver and other user-defined subcontract requirements tracked via date-sensitive compliance code functions.
  • Establish compliance at the vendor, contract or invoice level.
  • Request for Payment screen provides complete payment history to date, including percent complete, amount complete, current amount, previously certified at summary of detail levels.
  • Calculate and release retainage at contract or line detail level.
  • Print lien waivers and store details.
  • Automatically hold pay requests over contract amount.
  • Manual or automatic approval of subcontracts and subcontractor requests for payment.
  • Pay when Paid feature creates automatic payment hold until corresponding draw is paid by owner.
  • Track committed costs and updates project cost system.
  • Track unlimited subcontractor change orders.
  • Create and print custom subcontract formats through Enterprise or Word mail merge.
  • Print subcontract Certificate of Payment as backup for checks issued to subcontractors.
  • Track subcontract attachments and notes.
  • On-line query of project, phase, category amounts and existing contracts when allocating committed costs to the project.
  • On-line query by job or vendor showing contract amount, invoices, payments, change orders, retainage and contract balances.
  • Contract listing, summary, detail, and non-compliance reports.
  • Integration of all subcontracting activity.
  • Management of exposure through detailed tracking of liens, waivers, releases and insurance certificates.
  • Control of subcontracting arrangements, contracts, billing and payment arrangements.
  • CMiC and Textura have collaborated to integrate our Subcontract Management, CMiC Field (formerly xProjects/Project Management), and Accounts Payable modules with their web-based Construction Payment Management ™ solution to improve the operational efficiency of invoicing, compliance management, lien waiver collection and payments related to subcontracts and change orders. Textura uses the details of the received Subcontract/Change Order to create an online tracker for the tasks (associated to cost codes) required to complete the Subcontract/Change Order, which is used by subcontractors to report how much of each task was completed during each payment cycle for payment purposes. For further details, please refer to our Real Time Integration (RTI) guide.