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Note: Email Notifications for Reviewers will be added in the 13-2 patch for Cloud customers. This is estimated to be released around March 30, 2021.

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Meeting Minutes

Creating a New Meeting

  1. Select the Meeting Minutes screen from the preview and press the [Add Meeting] button.

  2. In the Create New Meeting section, select the track and location for the meeting, and select start and end times.

  3. Choose people to invite to the meeting in the Attendees section. Required and optional attendees can be selected from user contacts. To invite people not present in the user contact list, press the [Add Guest] button and enter their name.

  4. Add topics and their individual items in the Agenda section. Items can be moved between topics by dragging and dropping the icon. The order of topics can be changed by pressing the up and down arrows next to the topic title.

  5. Once all information is entered, press the [Save] button.

  6. Once the meeting is saved, documents can be added to the meeting by pressing the [Attach Existing File] button or by dragging the document into the dashed outline.

  7. When ready, press the [Publish] button to grant all invitees access to the meeting. This action will also send a meeting invitation to all attendees who have the To > New notification box checked for Meeting Minutes in their notification settings. Meeting guests can only receive notifications in they are assigned a role in CMiC Field.

When a new meeting is started, the first thing that must be defined is the meeting track. Meeting tracks are used to differentiate types of meetings such as Safety, Progress and Owner meetings. All meetings within a track are sequentially numbered and each track has a frequency assigned to it. The frequency will be used to determine the Next Meeting Date.

Prior to recording specific details, a Meeting must be created.

Create a Meeting Track

Meeting Statuses

Agenda Item Numbers

This video describes how to set up meeting minute agenda item numbering.

The best practice for generating the Meeting and item IDs occurs automatically once the user types in the desired Meeting Code, as shown in the screenshot below.

We have added some helpful screen tips to help guide you through the steps for creating your meeting and item ID mask.

The next video covers the process to resolve the error: "Please modify the Meeting ID Mask for this track as the current mask will generate a duplicate ID" and explains how item numbering works.

The final video explains how to star () and unstar () notes in the Meeting Minutes, which allows users to open and close agenda item notes.

The process is briefly described below.

Example of Open Agenda Note

To set an agenda item's note to open, click on the star and it will turn yellow (). A yellow star indicates the note is open.

Example of Closed Agenda Note

To set an agenda item's note to closed, click on the star and it will turn white (). A white star indicates the note is closed.

NOTE: This functionality will work the same way for any custom reports that may rely on the closed and open notes function.

Starting and Executing a Meeting

  1. Select the meeting being started from the Meeting Minutes log.
  2. Review the meeting agenda and start the meeting by pressing the [Start Meeting] button.

  3. Once a meeting has begun, take attendance by clicking on the names of those who attended or press the [Select All] button if all are present.

  4. Minute for meeting items can be entered in the Minutes field. Responsibility for specific items can also be assigned in the Responsibility fields. Agenda items can also be linked to change items and issues.

Action Items from Meetings

Creating the Next Meeting in a Track

  1. All closed meetings will display the [Create Next Meeting] button. Press this button to generate a new meeting log for the next meeting in the currently selected track.

  2. All info for the new meeting automatically populates from the previous meeting and the track information. To change any of this information, press the [Edit] button at the top of the screen.

  3. All agenda items without a status of “Closed” will also appear for the new meeting. Agenda items can be copied over from other meetings by pressing the [Copy Agenda Item] button.

Searching for Closed Meeting Items and Minutes

Saving Closing and Re-opening Meetings

  1. Once a meeting is completed the meeting log can be saved by pressing the [Save] button or closed by pressing the [Close Meeting] button.

  2. All meeting participants can review a meeting after it is closed.
  3. Users with permission can press the [Reopen Meeting] button to re-open and amend the last meeting in the selected track. All information can be edited, except for information entered in the top Create New Meeting section.

Printing the Meeting Minutes Report

Meeting Minute FAQ

Pending the release of the new 12-2 patch for CMiC Field, CMiC fielded questions from customers regarding the new Meeting Minutes program. These questions and their answers are presented below.



Q: Can you print more than just the last entered minute on the Meeting Minutes Report?

A: CMiC is working on enhancements that will allow users to select which items are printed on the Meeting Minutes Report.


Q: What is the difference between "Required" and "Optional" invitees?

A: The intention of this feature is to invite team members at the same time via email. Some are required to attend whereas some are not. This functionality can always be left blank is it is not needed.


Q: Can history items be closed when they are no longer relevant?

A: There is currently no ability to close items in Meeting Minutes.


Q : Can the entire meeting history be printed on the report?

A: CMiC is working on enhancements that will allow users to indicate which items are printed on the Meeting Minutes Report.


Q: Will there be a history tab added to the Meeting Minute screen similar to the tabs on the RFI and PCI screens?

A: This has not yet been assessed, but will be a consideration for future enhancement.


Q: Will there be a sign in sheet report created?

A: Attendance is already accounted for on the new standard report for the program.


Q: When will the new program be available?

A: The new Meeting Minutes program will be standard as of patch 12-2.


Q: Is there an option to attach documents to the Meeting Minute report?

A: Attachments can be printed with the report by selecting Other Reports and Form Letters from the Report Type dropdown and selecting the attachments to be included.


Q: Can closed agenda items be reopened in future meetings?

A: Users can bring back closed items by navigating to the meeting in which that items was closed and reopening it (with privileges). A new meeting with that item can then be created by pressing the [Create Next Meeting] button.


Q: Can the Meeting Minute report be set to indent the agenda items under the topics?

A: This could be achieved by writing a custom report. However future enhancements may be added to Field to allow customizations like this.


Q: Can the Meeting Minute history be sorted in ascending or descending order?

A: Currently, there is no way to change the sort order of historical items.


Q: Is a meeting's history based on the previous agenda items of the same type?

A: Yes, the History tab carries the history of a particular item. As long as the item remains open from one meeting to the next, any instance of that item will appear in the History tab.


Q: Is the Meeting Minute functionality available on the mobile app?

A: The new Mobile Field release, scheduled for October, does not contain Meeting Minutes. Its inclusion will be considered for future Mobile Field releases.


Q: Is there any integration with Onenote?

A: There is currently no integration with Onenote within CMiC Field.


Q: Can meeting items be numbered?

A: The numbering system driven by the Mask setup in the Track setting will be brought back in the future.


Q: Will the old Meeting Minutes screen be available?

A: No, the new Meeting Minutes screen will be standard as of patch 12-2.


Q: Is the [Add Topics] button restricted by the same security as before?

A: Yes, the existing security has been applied to the new program for adding topics and items.


Q: Will there still be the option to import agenda items into the Meeting Minutes program?

A: We found that the import function was mostly used because it was difficult to create and organize agenda items within CMiC Field. With the new patch updates we do not anticipate the need for the import function.


Q: Can guests be sent a pdf of the agenda once the [Publish] button has been pressed?

A: The print functionality will be brought forward to allow for this. Currently, it is only available for Active and Closed meetings.


Q: Can internal CMiC objects (RFIs and submittal logs, for example) be linked when sending out agendas?

A: This feature will be considered for future versions of Meeting Minutes.


Q: Can meetings be created that are non job-specific?

A: Meetings are intended to be project specific so this is not currently allowed. Separate meetings for each project would need to be created.


Q: Can meeting signatures be requested?

A: No.


Q: Once a meeting is published, are emails automatically sent to the invitees and guests?

A: Yes.


Q: If an item is closed but the action item is open, does it still appear?

A: The action item is tied to the agenda item. Therefore if the agenda item is closed then the action item will not be shown in the next meeting.


Q: Do email recipients need to be project collaborators in order to access the minutes?

A: While email recipients do need to be project contacts, they do not have to login to get the email.


Q: Will custom reports work with the new Meeting Minute screen?

A: Yes, the new program will work with custom reports.


Q: If the organizer of a meeting is unable to attend, can the meeting be started by someone else?

A: Yes, anyone with access to the Meeting Minute record as an internal user can start the meeting.


Q: Does a guest need to be set up in CMiC in order to be invited to a meeting?

A: No, but they will not receive an email notification once the meeting has been published. The Guest section is meant to allow for the presence of non-project contacts.


Q: Can multiple projects be added to a meeting?

A: No, meetings within CMiC Field are intended to be project-specific.


Q: Can agenda templates be created for a given track?

A: While there is no way to create templates as such, agenda items can be easily copied from one meeting to another by pressing the [Copy Agenda Items] button.


Q: Are attachments carried forward from one meeting to the next?

A: No, attachments are not carried forward.


Q: Is there currently an integration with Zoom or other web meeting software?

A: There is currently no such integration in CMiC Field. We recommend setting up a recurring meeting link and copying and pasting that link in the Meeting Minute Location field.