Workflow – R12

Workflow Overview

CMiC Workflow is designed to enhance an organization’s effectiveness by improving operational efficiencies and providing greater control of business processes. Workflow enables more precise management of people, resources, activities, and systems without being invasive or time-consuming.

Premise – Workflow

CMiC Workflow has been designed to be used by an administrator. These menu options are not intended to be used by all users. This is a technical type of CMiC product and should only be used by those users who are familiar with using Oracle Workflow Builder. This guide does not explain how to use Oracle Workflow.

Module Interaction

The Workflow module interacts with the following modules:

  • Imaging: The Workflow module allows users to define their own corporate workflow procedures for each type of document type processed in the Imaging module.

  • CMiC Field: The [Workflow] button on the JSP screens is used to establish integration between CMiC Field and Workflow, if the appropriate workflows are configured for specific screens (e.g. Request For Information (RFIs), managing subcontract and change order approvals, handling invoice approvals for Request for Payments (RFPs), etc.).

  • Opportunity Management (OM): Workflows can be established for reviewing and approving opportunities.

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): Workflows can be enabled so that any changes made to an employee’s personal information in the ESS module will require approval before the employee’s profile is updated.

  • System Data (SD): The System Options screen in the System Data module is used to set defaults for Workflow notification preferences, and the User Maintenance screen is used to set a user’s system privileges for Workflow. This System Data module is also used for setting up WFN alerts and ETA alerts for workflow notifications and timesheet approvals, respectively.