Log Builder – R12

Overview – Log Builder

Log Builder

Log Builder is an Enterprise business intelligence tool that enables users to filter, organize, and present a complex table’s data in a manner that helps them make informed business decisions. In this way, customized logs are similar to reports, and if required, their data can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Launch Log Builder

The Log Builder customization tool is launched via the following standard Treeview path:

System > Logs > Log Builder

The following explains how to launch the Log Builder tool to create a new log, and how to launch it to edit an existing log.

1. Launch Log Builder to Create New Log

When the Search Logs dialog window is displayed, click [OK] to open the Log Builder tool in add new mode, so that you can create a new log definition.

2. Launch Log Builder to Edit Log

When the Search Logs dialog window is displayed, enter search parameters using the Log Code, Application, or Description fields and click [Search], or just click [Search] to view the list of all logs in the system. Select the desired log from the list and click [OK].