UI Console – R12


Customized UI Console with user defined tabs, a menu region, and a dynamic region

Customized UI Console, displaying a tab for Human Resources related content.

A User Interface (UI) Console is a customizable, named object that functions like a window into the CMiC Enterprise system, or into any other system that may be reached via an internet or intranet address. Customized consoles are designed to facilitate a user’s tasks in Enterprise by providing menus and modules relevant to them, and to facilitate the making of informed business decisions by providing information relevant to their particular needs. To achieve this, consoles contain tabs, and the tabs contain customizable regions, such as: a Treeview region to launch Enterprise modules, and a dynamic region to display the launched modules. Additionally, regions can display things like a company’s intranet home page, custom logs, custom dashboards, RSS feeds, or websites.

As an example, to further illustrate the potential of a customized console, one tab could be customized to facilitate a user’s PM related tasks, a second tab could facilitate a user’s tasks related to PM reports, a third tab could display the company’s intranet home page, and a fourth tab could display web feeds.

Tab displaying some KPIs

To further aid the making of informed business decisions, Enterprise Console also includes intuitive dashboard and log building solutions that are second to none in helping users bridge the gap between data and usable information in a manner that is flexible and accurate. More specifically, Enterprise Console can be configured to display customized logs of crucial information, and display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) via dials, graphs (CMiC Analytics), alerts, and dashboards.