BI Dashboard Builder – R12

Overview – BI Dashboard Builder

Dashboard in BI Dashboard Builder

BI Dashboard Builder is a powerful business intelligence tool for building custom dashboards with interactive charts, gauges, and tables that use real-time data directly from a user’s CMiC system to:

  • Consolidate and visualize large amounts of data from departments to provide high-level overviews that display current statuses and reveal insights and trends.

  • Provide operational metrics and KPIs to monitor and track performance and progress, and to measure the impact of activities and investments.

  • Provide real time monitoring of any data in a user’s CMiC system.

  • Help make informed and effective decisions.

Since these dashboards use data directly from a user’s CMiC system and are native to it (i.e., use same data formats), no data synchronization is required between the dashboards and the user’s system, as would be for third-party BI dashboards, which means better performance and always up-to-date data. Furthermore, links to created dashboards can be added to Treeviews using our Treeview Builder tool, or to new Enterprise Console tabs using our UI Console tool.

BI Springboards

In addition to using BI Dashboard Builder to create display-only dashboards, it can be used to create dashboards with link-out capabilities, referred to as BI Springboards.  As shown below, tables provide the ability to springboard to record screens to view further details, edit data, and perform actions like replying to RFIs, approving requests, changing voucher compliance statuses, and updating equipment details:

For details about a table’s springboard capability, please refer to the following: Tables.

BI Query Builder

BI Query Builder is a simplified version of BI Dashboard Builder, tailored specifically for building and generating queries. In this specialized version of the software, users can focus on creating and modifying queries. In BI Query Builder, a query is a dashboard that contains a single table visualization that is always maximized. This fine-tuned query generator makes query building simple and easy, and it supports all the table visualization features available in BI Dashboard Builder, including pivoting, drill-in-place, etc. In addition, queries built in BI Query Builder can be viewed and maintained in BI Dashboard Builder.

BI Analytics

BI Analytics is a tool used for organizing and launching dashboards, queries, and card views. Users can create customized canvases to fan out their data analyses by dragging and dropping object cards (dashboards, queries, and card views) into specific user-defined groups called buckets to display and launch their analytics in a convenient, logical manner.

BI Analytics is used in conjunction with BI Dashboard Builder, BI Catalog Builder, and BI Query Builder.


CMiC BI requires an Oracle WebLogic 12c Application server and a valid corresponding Oracle license.

CMiC BI Solution Options

There are two options for implementing our BI solution:

  • Have it installed on a user’s own Oracle 12c Application servers.

  • Sign up for CMiC’s Cloud based BI solution, which includes the required hardware and Oracle license.

Questions or requests should be submitted by creating an issue in CMiC Support Portal.