BI Catalog Builder – R12

Overview – BI Catalog Builder

BI Catalog Builder

The BI Catalog Builder tool, shown above, works in conjunction with the BI Dashboard Builder tool to create custom, dynamic dashboards, as shown in the following screenshot. The BI Catalog Builder tool is used to create a catalog of data sources, and the BI Dashboard Builder tool uses these data sources to create custom dashboards that provide high-level overviews, operational metrics and KPIs. Queries can also be generated using a simplified version of BI Dashboard Builder, called BI Query Builder. This tailored version of the tool has been specifically designed to allow users to focus on creating and modifying queries.

Dashboard created using BI Dashboard Builder tool

In addition to BI Catalog Builder and BI Dashboard Builder, CMiC also offers BI Analytics. CMiC’s BI Analytics is a tool used for organizing and launching dashboards, queries, and card views. Users can create customized canvases to fan out their data analyses by dragging and dropping object cards (dashboards, queries, and card views) into specific user-defined groups called buckets to display and launch their analytics in a convenient, logical manner.