Real Time Integration – R12

Overview – Real Time Integration

CMiC RTI is a tool that allows for the bi-directional updating of databases via XML standards. Called CMiC Real Time Integration (RTI), the tool flows data entered into the general contractor’s system to the owner’s system by internet and XML protocols, allowing for different systems to seamlessly communicate.

CMiC RTI doesn’t just create records in both databases, but it updates them both as well, which means that when an owner is answering an RFI in their system, the answer is appearing, in real-time, in the general contractor’s system.

XML provides a basic syntax that can be used to share information between different kinds of computers, different applications, and different organizations without needing to pass through many layers of conversion. CMiC RTI will save countless hours by eliminating the need to re-enter information into different systems when collaborating on a project. The elimination of data re-entry will increase data accuracy, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration. CMiC RTI is currently bi-directly communicating with two CMiC Field databases, but in the future CMiC RTI will also support multiple platforms through standard XML formats such as AGCxml.

This document describes the CMiC RTI which is in essence a web service architecture for inter-system messaging. This architecture is designed to facilitate an efficient, robust, and secure computer-to-computer messaging system.  RTI implies a sender and a receiver (sometimes called a producer and a consumer).

Our messaging system is built in three layers:

  • The Adapter Layer

  • The Workflow Engine Layer

  • The Database Layer