Purchase Order – R12

Overview – Purchase Order

The CMiC Purchase Order (PO) module is fully integrated with financials and projects, as well as the following modules: Requisitions, Material Sales, Inventory, Preventative Maintenance, CMiC Field, and Equipment Costing.

By delivering financial control and project support, the Purchase Order module reduces errors and double entries.

Features of the Purchase Order module include:

  • Committed cost facility updates projects.

  • Customizable approval structure for purchase orders and requisitions.

  • Employees can be set up and registered as requestors, buyers, PO approvers, and location approvers to implement and enforce protocols for purchases; approvals can be by PO amount, purchase group, or location.

  • Automatic or manual purchase order number assignment.

  • Compliance codes can be set up to automatically prevent payments to vendors until compliance is certified (override feature available with security privilege).

  • Purchase order numbering by user-defined mask made up of job, vendor, company, year, day and numeric code.

  • Reserve purchase order number for use by select personnel.

  • Manual or automatic receipt creation for purchase order items.

  • Automatic matching of PO to receipts and invoices at line item level.

  • Integrates with Inventory module to place items on order and increase on-hand quantity.

  • Supports the procurement of stock, non-stock or free-form items.

  • Purchases for project, equipment, inventory, preventive maintenance work orders, or administrative requirements within a single PO.

  • Supports creation of blanket purchase orders with release procedure.