Imaging – R12

Imaging Overview

The CMiC Imaging module is a combination module that allows the user to link an image directly to one or more CMiC objects such as vouchers, jobs, and indirectly to Job Billing invoices. All images that are registered can be viewed from any related CMiC Enterprise screen just by using a search utility.

The module allows the user to create flysheets which are user defined data entry screens linked to images and CMiC objects. A flysheet is where users enter data regarding the image, which when complete, depending on the type can be transformed into a CMiC object. 

Imaging is also linked to CMiC workflow, which allows the user to define their own corporate workflow procedures for each type of image. Workflow allows for approvals, routing for more information, and FYI type of notices.

Imaging configuration is intended to be a DBA type of function as it requires knowledge of the network/IAS server setup, workflow setup, and a strong knowledge of CMiC tables and module requirements.

The generic dataflow for CMiC Imaging is:

  • Scan or move the image into the required directory.

  • The module then processes the image and records it against the correct category or marks it as uncategorized.

  • Categorize the uncategorized images.

  • The image is now available for the user(s) to enter flysheet information.

  • When the submit command is issued from a flysheet, the module processes the required workflow. The same flysheet may have multiple workflows.

  • Once all workflow is completed, the module, if required, then transforms the data entered on the flysheets associated with the image into a CMiC object if there is a link.

The Imaging module uses a security matrix over and above the standard CMiC Enterprise security. Image security must be applied, otherwise users will not be able to see/view any document types. Each object within imaging (flysheets, sources, document types, etc.) must have security applied.

For ease of use, the module is installed with 28 standard imaging objects. These objects are a sample of what can be done within the Imaging module, they do not encompass all objects or all functionality and fields for all objects. CMiC recommends that these objects be used as a basis for creating their own objects rather than using/modifying these standard objects.