Greenshades Tax Filing Center – R12

Overview – Greenshades

The Greenshades Tax Filing Center is a third-party software package that can be integrated with CMiC’s Payroll system to provide e-filing solutions. Currently, CMiC can be integrated with Greenshades for filing SUTA/SUI, W-2, 401K, New Hire, 941, 1099, and 1095-C forms.

Raw year-end tax data can be uploaded to the Greenshades website for the following services:

  • Format raw year-end tax data into state, province, or federal specific formats for filing tax forms.

  • Allow online access to tax forms (e.g. W-2, 1099-MISC) for recipients to receive, verify, and print via

  • Administration of tax forms. Examples include running reports against uploaded year-end tax data to view which forms have been printed or received by recipients and which forms need to be mailed out, printing out forms in-house, and making changes to individual forms.

  • Outsource printing, enveloping, stamping, and mailing of tax forms (optional service).

  • E-file tax forms: securely transmit tax forms to required government(s).