Enterprise Content Management – R12


Enterprise Content Management is a CMiC document management and tracking system that integrates Image Manager and Project Management with MS Outlook and MS Word via plug-ins.

Within Outlook, emails and email attachments can be dragged from Outlook and dropped onto an Image Manager folder (including CMiC Field Attachments) or file, thereby creating a new document or document revision in CMiC. Word documents can also be modified in the Image Manager interface. Once the documents are loaded into CMiC via ECM, other CMiC modules can use them (e.g. Workflow, PCI’s, Subcontracts, Daily Reports, etc.). ECM Explorer will also generate links on PDF files for SPECMGMT document types so that when these PDF files are opened in PSPDF viewer, users can click on link annotations to navigate to the document record.


  • Imaging security setup for the relevant Imaging document type.

  • CMiC Field document security set up for the attachments document type (for now only this type is supported).

  • Ensure Imaging System Options (IMG_SYSTEM_OPTION) checkboxes for ECM are turned on:



      • if the Imaging checkbox is on, the Imaging folders will be displayed in the Outlook plug-in.

      • if the PM checkbox is on, the PM folders will be displayed in the Outlook plug-in.

      • if the checkboxes are off, the folders do not appear in the Outlook plug-in.