Navisworks Integration – R12


The CMiC BIM plug-in for Navisworks will significantly enhance 3D coordination workflows. The current process of tracking and resolving clashes and model detection is time-consuming and disconnected. Currently, the clashes are managed in Navisworks, while communications - such as RFIs and Issues are managed in CMiC. The remedy is the CMiC – Navisworks Plug-In which shares data between Navisworks and CMiC to eliminate the current siloed approach.

The Navisworks Plug-In uses web services to:

  • Authenticate CMiC users from within Navisworks.

  • Provide actions to create Issues and RFIs within Navisworks.

  • Update the CMiC object status in Navisworks Viewpoint panel.


The following pre-requisite is required prior to installing CMiC Navisworks Plug-In:

NOTE: An error message will be displayed if an attempt is made to install the Navisworks CMiC Plug-In and Navisworks Manage is missing.